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Centre Annex Safe House

Jarod’s Safe House is pleased to have been accepted as an officially recognized Centre Data Annex by The Pretender creators: Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle.
Official Duties: TRACKING JAROD
Unofficial Duties: TOP SECRET

Here at Jarod’s Safe House, you can find all you want or need to know about the career of actor Michael T. Weiss …

I have been following Michael’s career since his television debut on Days of Our Lives in 1985, and have been fortunate enough to meet him several times. WHAT A SWEETIE!! His most recent work revolves around his love of theater and in March of 2009, he made his long-awaited Broadway debut in Impressionism at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York.

Besides being an accomplished TV, Film and Stage actor, Michael’s also a playwright and an artist. Come on in and find out more about this incredibly talented man!

  • What’s happened to Jarod’s Safe House you ask? We are undergoing a massive overhaul and moving to a new platform (WordPress). After much thought it has been decided to move the new site now instead of after the build is complete and takes so much drama to move.
  • The original site is still available and fully functional, however, at this location: http://www.jarodsafehouse.com/_jarodsafehouse/
  • If you find anything not working on the original site when you click the link above, please let me know and I’ll try to get it working for you.


Latest News & Updates on Michael and The Pretender

    • Sunset Park Sunset Park Here are a few details on Michael's new film!
    • Happy 53rd Birthday Michael! Happy 53rd Birthday Michael! Happy Birthday Michael!
    • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
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    • Michael is back in theatre! Michael is back in theatre in an all-new play: O.P.C. and check out this HOT! new headshot. Michael is back in theatre!
    • The Pornographer's Daughter Update The Pornographer's Daughter Update Director Michael T. Weiss & I got some heat in Ginger Coyote’s HOT GOSSIP column in this month’s Punk Globe! Thanks, Ginger!
    • Le Caméléon Vit Website Le Caméléon Vit Website French Pretender Fans: If you haven't already heard the news, The Pretender Lives website is now available in your language!
    • Liberty Bradford Mitchell and Michael T. Weiss Liberty Bradford Mitchell and Michael T. Weiss Theatre Scouting in L.A.
    • Some more updates on The Pornographer’s Daughter Some more updates on The Pornographer’s Daughter The production of Liberty Bradford Mitchell’s one-woman show: The Pornographer’s Daughter began a sold-out performance this past Friday on January 17th.

The Pretender Novels

    • The Pretender: Rebirth 2nd Edition The Pretender: Rebirth 2nd Edition There are Pretenders among us, geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be. In 1983 a corporation known as The Centre isolated a young Pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their 'research. Then, one day, their Pretender ran away...
    • The Pretender: Saving Luke The Pretender: Saving Luke The second in the exciting Pretender series of novels, Saving Luke is an edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller about Jarod, a child prodigy, stolen and raised by a clandestine organization that exploited his gift for their nefarious activities.