Weiss Words



General On The Environment On The Pretender
I live my life the same way I did before I was on TV, but it’s really nothing profound.
The environment is the ultimate issue; we can’t take it for granted or assume it will heal itself.
Sometimes it’s dark and twisted, sometimes it’s emotional and endearing; other times it’s just plain fun.
I am a very simple person. I am an environmentalist. I am a fixture in my community. I respect the golden rule.
I don’t remember what Michael T. Weiss was like because I play Jarod more than I play Michael T. Weiss. Michael is just the guy that goes home and goes to sleep.
I protect myself from the Hollywood game. I’ve watched people crash and burn in this business.
I became an actor to move people. I did it to entertain, to inspire, not so people could pick through my garbage or nose around in my private life to find out who’s zooming who. It’s nobody’s business who I’m zooming.