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Bones DVD Cover ArtThis is the story of Jimmy Bones
Black as night and hard as stone
Gold-plated deuce like the King of Siam
Got a switchblade loose and a diamond on his hand
They took his life, he never rested in peace
Now his vengeance will be unleashed

After a group of young people buy his old house planning to turn it into a nightclub, a murdered man’s spirit returns to the world of the living intent on getting his revenge on those who killed him.

Story Synopsis

Back in 1979, Jimmy Bones (SNOOP DOGG) was a well-loved and revered protector of his urban domain. Unfortunately for him, he was betrayed and brutally murdered by a group of men – local corrupt cop Lupovitch (MICHAEL T. WEISS), drug dealer Eddie Mack (RICKY HARRIS) and good friend Jeremiah (CLIFTON POWELL) – who then buried him and thus proof of their deed in the sub-basement of his brownstone.

Now, more than two decades later, Bones’ former residence is just a shadow of its former glory, and all of the neighborhood kids know the legend of Jimmy Bones, and to stay away from the building. They’re not alone as Pearl (PAM GRIER), Jimmy’s former lover, and Shotgun (RONALD SELMOUR), his right-hand man, are also wary of the place and the various sightings of a large black dog with glowing red eyes that roams about the place.

None of that stops Jeremiah’s adult kids — Patrick (KHALIL KAIN) and Bill (MERWIN MONDESIR) — their stepsister Tia (KATHARINE ISABELLE), or friend Maurice (SEAN AMSING), however, from buying the place and planning to turn it into a popular nightclub.

As the small group moves into the dilapidated building to fix it up before the grand opening — unbeknownst to Jeremiah or the others involved in the past wrongdoing – they ignore warnings from Shotgun and Pearl, the latter whose adult daughter, Cynthia (BIANCA LAWSON), has taken a sudden liking to Kevin.

Despite various odd visions, occurrences and the unearthing of Jimmy’s skeletal remains, the group sticks with their plans, only to discover that their actions have now resurrected Bones who then sets out to get his revenge on both those who are trespassing on his property and wronged him in the past.