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Michael’s Characters:
Mountain Rescue Hero
Veterinarian Hero

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In September 2004, Playhouse Disney introduced “Higglytown Heroes”, a new television series which sent its young viewers to a whimsical 3D-animated world known as Higglytown. In the show, four children — Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, and Kip — and their squirrel friend Fran embark on a series of adventures that range from everyday fun to exciting exploration. Each encounter finds them in need of help, the help of a Higglytown Hero, be it a police officer, a mountain rescue team, or even dentists.

The characters’ design is based on Matryoshka nesting dolls (where one doll fits into another, and into another, etc.).

Featured Episodes

Balloon-a-Palooza / Wayne’s Day Out (Season 2, Episode 32 / 03.18.2006)
Balloon-a-Palooza: The kids run into trouble while hiking and rely on members of a mountain rescue squad for help. [*Michael Voices a Mountain Rescue Hero]
Wayne’s Day Out: A police officer tracks down Wayne after he gets separated from his friends at a crowded fair.

The Big Pink Elephant Sale / Higglies on Horseback (Season 2, Episode 56 / 02.19.2007)
The Big Pink Elephant Sale: A teacher is having a yard sale to help raise money to buy the janitor, who is retiring, a special gift and the kids are helping out.
Higglies on Horseback: Grandpa Crink’s horse gives birth. [*Michael Voices a Veterinarian Hero]

*In both episodes, Michael sings!