A Perfect Future

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by David Hay
Directed by Wilson Milam
February 14 – March 6, 2011

Cherry Lane Theater Company
38 Commerce Street
New York, NY 10014

(February 4th-27th)
Tuesday 8:00pm
Wednesday 8:00pm
Thursday 8:00pm
Friday 8:00pm
Saturday 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm & 7:00pm

(February 28th On)
Monday 8:00pm
Tuesday 8:00pm
Thursday 8:00pm
Friday 8:00pm
Saturday 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm & 7:00pm

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‘You can’t change the world sober…’
“In David Hay’s slick play — a sort of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf of sixties counterculture — the days of protest and orgies are fondly invoked by a bibulous group of friends now in the world of pure money and pure despair. Over the course of a drunken evening, radical chic becomes radical pique. Particularly convincing are Donna Bullock as the manic wife and Michael T. Weiss as her smug, suave husband. Well directed by Wilson Milam.”
– John Lahr, The New Yorker

This darkly comic and provocative play explores the question of whether people can be married and truly love each other when their political persuasions are diametrically opposed.

New York power couple John and Natalie are hosting a dinner for Elliot, a friend from their days as college radicals. Also invited to the party is Mark, a straight-laced young man from John’s risk management firm. With the help of a few too many expensive bottles of wine, the group’s past and their long buried secrets resurface. Over the course of this raucous evening, their basic belief systems are upended, as the four must come to terms with what happens when we try to reconcile our idealism with reality.

This high-society evening is about to turn into a night of sexually charged mind-games that could change their lives forever.