The Mummy: The Animated Series

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Michael’s Character:
Nijam Toth/The Dark Medjai


Based loosely on the hit movies The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, the O’Connells find themselves being chased around the world by the undead corrupt High Priest, Imhotep, and his lackey, Colin Weasler, while trying to get the Manacle of Osiris off Alex’s wrist. This takes their trip across the world, trying to locate the lost scrolls of Thebes, the only things that can remove the manacle. However, the scrolls had to be destroyed to prevent Imhotep from possessing the manacle. Now in the second season, Alex is trained as a Medjai to combat the mummy as well as facing new threats along the way.

Featured Episodes

The Dark Medjai (Season 2, Episode 16 / 03.01.2003)
Egypt – Tariq, an old Medjai, is guarding Nizam Toth – the Dark Medjai. Toth is the only Medjai to every betray the order. As punishment, he is in a prison run by Tariq and a younger Medjai. The younger Medjai underestimates Toth’s skills, and Toth escapes – seeking revenge on all Medjai, but especially Ardeth Bey!

Spring of Evil (Season 2, Episode 22 / 04.26.2003)
Ardeth takes Alex to a bridge in the middle of the desert, cuts the bridge and dares Alex to jump over it. Ardeth claims that Alex can jump any distance he wishes with the Manacle. Imhotep comes by, gets beaten, then plans for revenge with Thoth. Then they infect Alex with the Spring of Evil after Thoth awakens it. Alex is so over-confident that he tries to beat two mutated Rhinos all by himself. Instead Alex almost kills everyone and the Jeep is totalled. Later, in the building, Alex gets infected by the Spring again. Under the control of the Dark Side, Alex fights against Rick in one on one combat. Then Rick convinces Alex that he doesn’t have to be possessed. With a few sticks of dynamite, some rope, and a few fast feet, Ardeth and everyone is safe and sound. That is except Imhotep and Thoth.