The Pornographer’s Daughter

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Z Space Theatre Company Presents:

by Liberty Bradford Mitchell
Directed by Michael T. Weiss
January 17 – February 16, 2014

Z Space
470 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-626-0453
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Thu @ 8pm
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Liberty Bradford Mitchell

The Pornographer's Daughter: Liberty Bradford Mitchell

Artie and Jim Mitchell comprised one of San Francisco’s most infamous duos, the Mitchell Brothers, pioneers in the pornography industry. Liberty Bradford Mitchell, daughter of Artie, tells the story of growing up on the fringes of an X-rated world in the World Premiere of The Pornographer’s Daughter, directed by Michael T. Weiss, with musical direction by Kevin Harding, and produced by San Francisco-based producer and designer Jeff Rowlings.

Notorious for entertaining a stream of celebrities, politicians, and artists at their XXX movie theatre and strip club, The Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, Artie and Jim capitalized on the “free love” movement of the 1970s. Their “Behind the Green Door,” one of the first feature-length porn films ever made, earned a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival and sparked a new wave of adult entertainment. The party ended in February 1991 when Jim shot and killed Artie. In The Pornographer’s Daughter, Artie’s eldest child Liberty Bradford Mitchell recounts this unique slice of San Francisco history with a first-hand perspective, from her counter-culture beginnings, growing up and coming of age in the wings of the porn industry, through surviving the surreal aftermath of her father’s murder. Joining Bradford Mitchell on stage will be San Francisco rock band The Fluffers, providing a driving soundtrack of music from the ‘60s to the ‘80s and beyond.


Liberty Bradford Mitchell
I began writing my story as a stage play (with a very large cast) in 1995. Boxes of drafts in various artistic mediums later, The Pornographer’s Daughter has evolved to the one woman show (plus 3-man band) being premiered at the launch of 2014. It was imperative this show complete its evolution in San Francisco, the greatest city in the world, where the Mitchell Brothers Film Group and I were both lucky to be born. Thanks to all who attend this production; for bring part of this wild ride.

The family members, friends, teachers, mentors, students, and fellows who’ve supported and inspired me through life as well as the development of this show are simply too legion to recognize individually here. I’m blessed to have had so many incredible people to have shared the joy in the journey.

My core creative team members Skye Borgman, Kevin Harding and Mathea Webb have steadfastly contributed their talents and dedication to the evolution of this project since the 9s. A million thanks will never be enough. Together we can make it happen, and we did!

Additional gratitude in abundance goes to James Kenndey fro his incredible faith and business savvy; Sean Molloy, for his loyalty and infection enthusiasm; Jeff Rowlings for his crucial contributions in assembling the home team and realizing this production in SF, our gracious patrons, the fantastic folks at Z Below and Z Space, plus the entire production crew of The PD. And of course, huge thanks to the Fluffers for making us rock hard!

With great humility, admiration and love I thank my incredible director Michael T. Weiss for his generous, tireless dedication to bringing this show to a level beyond my already mighty expansive vision. You are the man of my dreams. Thank you.

The Pornographer’s Daughter is dedicated to my mother and father, my children, and to all of us who are the spawn of the Mitchell Brothers.

Michael T. Weiss
I was drawn to Liberty’s tale of growing up in a counter culture family brimming with people sharing an unapologetic world view. Liberty teaches us that we are all designed by our own unique and individual childhoods. The colorful people who raise us both stamp us with their values and offer up their best intentions for us to rebel against. What I love about Liberty’s story is that it teaches us that we can curate from our pasts the emotional memorabilia we choose to grow from. We can take pride in the broad spectrum that defines family. Find humor in odd places. Forgive with compassion the mistakes made. And grow from the tragedies that befall us and… “Leaving the rest behind.”

Liberty’s brave look at growing up in the world of trail blazing sexual revolutionaries reminds us that strength, honesty, humor, and freedom are taught to us in many wonderfully different ways, whether we grow up as the child of an astronaut, preacher, teacher… or pornographer, love is love.