The Great Los Angeles Earthquake

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake Banner by Merian H.

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake DVD Cover Art

After a series of small tremors in Los Angeles, Dr. Clare Winslow (Joanna Kerns), a highly regarded seismologist, is convinced by her findings that a catastrophic earthquake –“The Big One”– will hit within days and tear the region apart. As Clare struggles with the decision of whether or not to divulge the potentially devastating news, an overzealous reporter (Richard Masur) releases the story despite the politicians desperate attempts to cover it up. Amidst a fury of mass hysteria, misinformation and confusion, “The Big One” hits. This film is a remarkably shattering and realistic look at the death, destruction and fear that befalls a city under siege by Mother Nature as well as the indomitable strength of the human spirit to survive.

No place to run. No place to hide. This disaster will only strike once.

There is no safe harbor, there is no escape … L.A.’s worst fear has just become a reality.

This is not a true story… yet.