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There are Pretenders among us.
Geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be.
In 1963, a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young Pretender
named Jarod, and exploited his genius for their research.
Then one day, their Pretender ran away…

While being desperately pursued by the clandestine research center that trained him, a former child prodigy uses his genius to master a variety of professions, employing his exceptional skills to bring vigilante justice to those seemingly above the law.

Jarod is a PRETENDER, a genius who can become anyone he wants to be. He was taken from his parents as a child by an organization called The Centre. At The Centre, Jarod was put under the “care” of a scientist named Sydney.

Sydney raised Jarod while training him and honing his PRETENDER skills by putting him through simulation after simulation of historical events and more, ranging from terrorist attacks to rescue attempts to finding causes of disasters.

The information from these simulations was sold to the highest bidder by The Centre for illegal use. When Jarod discovered that his simulations were being used for evil-doings, he successfully escaped the Centre.

Jarod / For Centre Use Only: A DSA File

Having been at the centre for some thirty plus years of his life, Jarod was totally unaware of the world around him. In many ways he was still a child, unaffected by lifes’ experiences. Everyday he makes new discoveries about people around him, relationships, toys, food, and more.

His goal is to expose crimes commited against people who have no means of defending themselves against unjust activities. Using his genius, and skills from the centre, he can pretend to become anyone that he wants to be: a doctor, lawyer, fireman. What ever is necessary for each pretend.

The Centre still wants Jarod for their simulations. A team of ‘sweepers’ continue to search for him. At the head of this team is Miss Parker, daughter of The Centre’s chairman, a cunning and cruel agent dedicated to capturing Jarod at any cost. Sydney was also put on this team, however, his mixed feelings find him helping Jarod in his search for his past and seeing him as the son that he never had instead of a “test subject.” Broots, a brilliant and somewhat shy computer specialist was also placed on Miss Parker’s team to aid in his capture.

Everyday Jarod has to elude Miss Parker and The Centre’s operatives in fear of being caught and once again, imprisoned by the Centre. While on the run he searches for clues to his past, trying to find his family. Yet, every time he gets “too close” Miss Parker and her associates are not far behind.