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In southern rural Iowa a young man native to the small town he lives in gets tired of being poor and wants to figure out a way to get out of town. His father’s unexpected death leaves him with the possibility of a 200 hundred thousand dollar insurance policy. After not receiving the policy for flaky reasons he slides into a world of methamphetamine addiction with his girlfriend. They become small time crooks and dealers and soon find the mystique of fast money and drugs is a façade that hides the problems the real world is creating for them outside they’re fantasy.

Michael T. Weiss plays Larry Clarkson, a crooked Midwestern probation officer who uses and abuses his power for his own sadistic egotistical pleasure. This is a deviation from any other character Michael has portrayed and is truly a breakout role for him as a film star.

WINNER “Best Picture”
IOWA, Midwest Independent Film Festival

WINNER “Best Actress”
Diane Foster, Midwest Independent Film Festival

WINNER “Best Supporting Actor”
Michael T. Weiss, Midwest Independent Film Festival