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Late 1940’s or early 1950’s
Catherine Jameson and Harriett Tashman live together at the St. Catherine of the Hills convent; Catherine marries Mr. Parker and moves to the Centre.
Margaret and Charles begin visiting NuGenesis.
Jarod is born.
January, 1960
Miss Parker and Mr. Lyle are born. Mr. Lyle is taken away and is then adopted by the Bowmans and named Bobby.
February, 1963
Jarod is kidnapped from his parents.
Februay 2, 1963
Jarod is brought to the Centre.
February 4, 1963
Jarod is assigned to Sydney and they are introduced for the first time.

Kyle is born around this time.
July or August, 1967
Twin girls see Mr. Raines threaten Jacob with a gun.
August 2, 1967
Jacob and Sydney are involved in a car accident that leaves Jacob comatose.
February 6, 1968
Kyle is taken away from his cell. Angelo slips Kyle’s Flying Cross Medal through the vents to Jarod.
Jarod’s parents find refuge with Harriett Tashman through Catherine Parker. Jarod’s sister, Emily, is born. Catherine begins to rescue children from the Centre.
October 7, 1969
Jarod meets Miss Parker for the first time.
October 8, 1969
Miss Parker whispers her first name in Jarod’s ear.
November 27, 1969
Catherine Parker is beaten in her home and is admitted to the hospital. Miss Parker had heard her mother arguing with someone and she then saw Mr. Raines leaving the Parker home shortly after the beating occurred.
April, 1970
A fire at the South Delaware Children’s Home destroys all of their records.
April 13, 1970
Just before Catherine Parker was going to rescue Timmy, Mr. Raines’ experiments destroy his mind and his is renamed Angelo.
April 13, 1970
Catherine Parker is killed inside an elevator at the Centre. Her death is listed as a suicide.
April, 1970
Shortly after her mother’s death, Miss Parker gives Angelo his first box of Cracker Jack.
Kyle is supposedly released from the Centre, but in actuality, he is kept in SL-27 by Mr. Raines.
A fire destroys SL-27.
Kyle escapes from the Centre and kidnaps Harriett Tashman to try and locate his parents. Margaret and Charles flee. Kyle is taken to prison.
October, 1995
First visual record of Mr. Lyle at the Centre
October, 1995
Sydney is forced to go to Europe by Mr. Raines in order to attend a symposium. Mr. Raines and Mr. Lyle use Syndey’s absence to perform horrible experiments on Jarod.
September, 1996
Jarod escapes from the Centre; Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots are assigned to recapture him.