Burn Notice

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Burn Notice DVD Cover Art (Season 5)

Spies don’t get fired; they get burned.

Michael Westen has received a “burn notice”. Dumped in his hometown of Miami, Florida, he’s been left in the cold with no money, no job and no information. With no job history, cash or credit, he becomes a private eye with the skills he picked up as an intelligence operative. With the help of his old friend, the drinking, womanizing Sam Axe, and his gun-running, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Fiona, he makes people’s problems go away. But when he’s done, Michael’s biggest problem becomes finding out who burned him and trying to get back into the game.

Featured Episode

Army of One (Season 5, Episode 10)
Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) goes undercover with a group of hijackers in order to assist Jesse with a security job, but he changes the plan when the hijackers take hostages at the airport. Madeline assists Michael by organizing the hostages and trying to lead them to safety.


Michael and Sam attempt to apprehend Max’s killer, but he torches his operation and escapes. Fortunately, Sam is able to grab one badly burnt computer tower and calls upon an old acquaintance, Dixon, to help retrieve the data from it. In a rush, they resort to kidnapping Dixon — a bad idea since he’s wearing a police ankle monitor.

While Sam and Fiona work to recover information from the hard drive, Jesse recruits Madeline and Michael to help him find out what a team of white-collar criminals are up to at a small executive airport. When the criminals turn out to be gun-toting thugs bent on robbing a billionaire, Michael orchestrates an elaborate rouse to make the team believe they’re under attack from a dangerous vigilante. Michael must free the hostages and re-route the billionaire’s plane before the situation spirals out of control and innocent people get hurt.