Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan

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Tarzan will make Toon Disney his new home beginning in fall 2001. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, “Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan” is the first all-new original animated series to debut on Toon Disney since the network’s debut in 1998. The series is inspired by the blockbuster animated feature, “Disney’s Tarzan.”

Picking up where The Walt Disney Studios box-office smash left off, Tarzan is reunited with his animal family while assuming greater responsibilities as the successor to the strong and noble Kerchak. As King of the Beasts, a more mature Tarzan (Michael T. Weiss, “The Pretender”) realizes that he must protect and defend not only the wildlife, but also the jungle itself, from the encroachments of the human world. Tarzan continues to branch out by learning about and deciphering humans through the teachings of the independent-spirited Jane (Olivia d’Abo, “Party of Five,” “The Wonder Years”).