Some more updates on The Pornographer’s Daughter

Liberty Bradford Mitchell with Michael T. Weiss and the band The Fluffers

Liberty Bradford Mitchell, Michael T. Weiss, and The Fluffers

The Official Pornographer's Daughter Promo Poster

The official poster done by rock art illustrator Chuck Sperry

The production of Liberty Bradford Mitchell’s one-woman show: The Pornographer’s Daughter began a sold-out performance this past Friday on January 17th.

The photo to the left was taken after a performance and posted January 19th on TPD Facebook Page. In the picture Liberty Bradford Mitchell with our dear Michael and the band “The Fluffers.”

The image to the right is the poster created by rock illustrator Chuck Sperry. Limited edition, signed posters are available from Chuck’s website. Check out the article about Chuck’s involvement on the new official site for the play.

The official Pornographer’s Daughter website is now on-line.

Also, be sure to check out these articles on the play and find out more about Liberty’s story of growing up the daughter of a porn mogul.

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